Help By Donating A Couple Dollars To March For Babies!


Help By Donating A Couple Dollars To March For Babies!

Obviously you don’t have to donate through me, donating anything at all would be highly appreciated!  It’s a great cause, I’ve worked with them before.  🙂


“Every day, thousands of babies are born too soon, too small and often very sick. I’m walking in March for Babies because I want to do something about this. And I need your help.

Please support my walk. Making a secure donation is easy: just click the ‘donate now’ button on this page. Thank you for helping me give all babies a healthy start!

The mission of March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.”


“We’re reaching moms with information on having full-term and healthy pregnancies. Professional education and medical resources on topics like premature birth and birth defects, are helping health care providers better support their patients.”


“The cytomegalovirus (CMV) causes birth defects in 8,000 babies each year. Moms can pass the virus on to their baby before or during birth. The March of Dimes is funding the development of a vaccine that can prevent the infection in women of childbearing age, protecting babies.



Burglars Who Took On FBI in 1971 Finally Surface


Burglars Who Took On FBI in 1971 Finally Surface

“So on a night nearly 43 years ago, while Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier bludgeoned each other over 15 rounds in a televised title bout viewed by millions around the world, burglars took a lock pick and a crowbar and broke into a Federal Bureau of Investigation office in a suburb of Philadelphia, making off with nearly every document inside.”

I feel this is rather brave & it was was almost as if I felt some weight lift off of their shoulders after reading this. I wonder how they have dealt with this in their head all these years, if they even ever gave it much thought afterwards.  Tell me what you guys think!  🙂