World Hijab Day


Muslim women wear hijab because they feel it pleases God/Allah, Christians(and other religions) are allowed to do things we feel pleases God, they should be allowed to in peace as well.

So, I went to the store alone wearing this(I tried to find the loosest clothing I had). I always say hi to a dozen random people(give or take a couple, haha) and give compliments every time I go out somewhere. It’s rare that I don’t get a “hello” back and this time only 1 out of 10 people replied with a greeting of any sort, the others turned away and said nothing. No, I’m not saying it was because I was wearing hijab, it most definitely could have been a coincidence, maybe I only said hello to extremely shy people today.  Haha.

I was walking along the front of the store after grabbing the few things I needed and it just so happened that the only open register that was empty was with a Middle-Eastern guy donning a beaming smile, LOL!  I was thinking, “Oh gosh, what if he says something to me in Arabic or another language I don’t understand, I’ll feel bad.”  Sure enough he greets me with “Assalaam Alaikum” in which my reply is supposed to be “Wa Alaikum assalaam” if you don’t want to be rude, but I knew I couldn’t pronounce it, I’m only familiar with a few phrases typed & familiar with when they’re said. LOL! SO, I replied, “Um, I, er, I’m not Muslim.” He just continued to stare at me as he was putting my groceries in bags. I elaborated, “Today is World Hijab Day and I’m supporting my friends. Many people see hijab as oppression & it’s a part of religious freedom.” Then he got all excited and agreed saying that if you choose it, it’s freedom.

He started talking about his Islamic background, his homeland, and how he is now a Pagan. Then he paused and said(even though I made it clear a moment ago, LOL), “So, how long have you been a convert?” I replied trying not to laugh, “Um, I’m not a convert, I’m not Muslim, I’m a Pentecostal Christian supporting my Muslim friends.” He looked a bit curious and confused and I continued to briefly talk about how I’m an admin to a Facebook group called “Children of Adam” and our goal is to have all religions come together in peace and understanding and to assist in eliminating stereotypes that the media likes to feed us.” He seemed very pleased once again, beaming. I swear it was like the sun was behind his teeth. LOL!  So yea, that was my experience today.  🙂

Here is a close-up photo of me & my Catholic friend who is also supporting World Hijab Day today.