Once Again Commencing The Unknown


“Not all who wander are aimless. Especially not those who seek truth beyond tradition, beyond definition, beyond the image.” – “Mona Lisa Smile”

Ever since I started looking for a new job and then found one, I haven’t written a blog post. Do I not have any time? No, that’s not really it. Do I lack inspiration or motivation because most jobs suck out your soul? Actually, no. I finally found a job that has meaning, what I’ve always wanted, and I love my job. Perhaps writing a blog seems a bit prosaic to me since I found something with great meaning? I don’t think that’s it either. I cherish writing, and it seems to not matter what I’m writing exactly, I still enjoy it to some degree. I find writing/typing very therapeutic and interesting. I actually have sort of an obsession with words if you ask me. English has always held a potent allure for me.

What is it then? For the past 3 months, I’ve dabbled in pondering this. Now, I’ve decided to give it another go instead of wondering, just self-administering a faint nudge. You don’t ever want to push yourself too much, I do believe in writing being as natural as possible when carried out. I almost convinced myself to write about the Adrian Peterson issue, how I feel that spanking your child with your hand or an item should be the last resort after attempting as many peaceful approaches as possible, how it should still be considered, that sometimes body parts just get in the way when there is struggle- sometimes resulting in an unintended mark which I even recall in my own memories, that a lot of people are being too harsh.

Though, I think doing a thorough sweep on the subject to be uninteresting at this point. Adrian Peterson’s issue became a tired one once the chilled sunrise of yesterday cast its light on my balcony. So, I’ll just leave my post like this with a dash of mystery and a ton of genuineness. Have I mentioned that I find the word “genuineness” a bit uncomfortable? Well, there you have it. Have a nice week! God Bless!


Words Hold Immense Power Because Society Told You So


You cannot tell someone how to aesthetically present themselves, you cannot tell someone how to use a word, you cannot tell anyone these things with any rationalization. It doesn’t matter what race you are, you do not have the right of any influence whatsoever. It doesn’t matter what culture you’re imbedded in, you can dress whatever style you please and use whatever label you so choose. People, you have the freedom to choose to be a good person and also choose to use words in harmless ways. What you put into a word is all that’s there, the rest is in the imagination. Do not let words have power over you or assume your words have power over others. Too many people are skiddish with words, words that some ancestor a thousand years ago made up or words random teenagers made up a couple decades ago.

Words are empty and a person has the right to instill their own personal angle into any word they please. Yes, I’m referring to words that are usually dubbed as potentially offensive, words that were whipped up by imperfect humans, or meanings & intentions that strangers strive to stuff your face with- acting as if you put it all there yourself. People either use their own interpretations of words for harmless fun or to think outside the box with good intentions. Yes, there are people out there who do it sarcastically or to troll, but we have no clue which ones. Why continue to strangle each other with words that are man-made? Why do we limit ourselves to this? Why can’t we turn our focus to the things that truly matter, people who hold for us that mysterious thing called love or life-threatening events in our country or other countries that are laughing at us behind our backs right now?

If you cut out letters of a word from a newspaper and scattered them on a desk, that word has no power, correct?  If you aligned these letters together to make sense, that word still holds no power.  If someone walks by, sees that word on the desk and reads it out loud, that word still holds no power.  Don’t ever let people who only see in black and white, who think only inside a small box that they have let society build for them, who live to sniff out every obscure crevice for a sign of potentially imperfect intentions tell you what actions to take or tell you specific ways you should be feeling through these words.

Know that only you know your true intentions, and that is all that will ever matter.