Twist of humor on a serious issue between our relationships


I guess it’s true that most people act like they love you a lot more after you die. I just saw the proof with my own eyes. The Morgan Freeman Facebook page has only over 7million Likes while the Paul Walker page has over 20million Likes.
People are rough, real rough.  😉

Back to the serious note, it cannot be stressed enough that we should all partake in showing our gratitude & love toward the ones we care about or even strangers a little more.  You may believe that you show it enough in your own way, but I think we all need reminded sometimes that every person perceives things a bit differently, which isn’t their fault, or anybody’s fault for that matter.  It depends on our cognitive functions.  It’s how each one of us is built.  It won’t hurt much to be a bit more obvious in displaying your love & care, at least not as much as it will hurt when they leave this life before you got the chance to do so.

We are all filled with imperfections though.  I’ve witnessed every single person in my life regret many things they said or shouldn’t have said when a loved one dies, almost as if it’s a mandatory burden for us humans.  Just because we didn’t grab the moment when we could have, it doesn’t mean dwelling on it is the answer or that dwelling can alter a single thing, it’s only even more time wasted that you could spend on loving someone.  Yes, of course, it’s easier said than done, but working on the things that matter most in life will never be easy.   🙂


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